For my senior design research project, I was tasked to explore a subject matter that reflects my personal interests and create a campaign around it. During the summer of 2019, I interned at a resort in southeastern Wyoming that had established greenhouses which function through the use of a hydroponic system. Through learning about the resources that are conserved through the hydroponic process, such as water, the use of farmland, and the length of growing cycles, my interest grew in learning more about the process.

This project aims to promote hydroponics globally, as an alternative to the traditional means of subsistence farming and agriculture, with an end goal to decrease world hunger and reduce the use of fresh water globally.

  1. Identity System: The primary logomark consists of a circular orientation to communicate global reach, containing the letters “A” and “G” combined together with a design of a plant that depicts a grain sprouting out of the top to communicate food production. Other logo variations feature the letters together without the icon, forming in the shape of a leaf, and the plant icon by itself with the sprout ascending from the top.

  2. Website: The website consists of 4 sections, the homepage, an about page that states the mission of the organization and the history, a contact page that allows the audience to communicate ideas to the non-profit or have any questions answered, and a donate page where people can pledge to give one time or monthly donations.

  3. Advertising: For the advertising campaign, I created print ads, online web banners, and a billboard design. Online advertising consists of social media ads to display on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. Horizontal and vertical web banners will be created as well to advertise for the nonprofit. The intentions of both online and outdoor ads are to influence people to search the website to learn more about the organization, it's purpose and be influenced to want to help the cause through donation or volunteer efforts.

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